In Homeschool This Week (take 3)


Fiona making “potions”

I am loving the natural curiosity and love for learning that Fiona has. One of my main reasons for wanting to homeschool her was encouraging this! She had fun mixing up “potions” this week with water, food coloring, and salt. She created her own experiment where she tested the taste differences when she added the different ingredients. Plus, it’s just fun to play!

This week in Kindergarten, Fiona continued with her core subject studies, but I feel like she is learning the most by going out into the world and observing and participating in real life, and our discussions as a family. I’m very “unschooly” with Fiona, because she is so smart and I don’t want to put ANY pressure on her learning.

I LOVE this Native American model of education, The Circle of Courage:


For Kali, Monday and Friday mornings are dedicated to horses! She is learning how to ride and take care of horses. This is a dream come true for her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she owned a horse farm someday!


Our time at the horse farm is also really great for Fiona. We are lucky that the farm is very accommodating, and I’m able to do school work with the other kids there as well.

But the main thing we have been doing while Kali is at horseback is to go to the YMCA!

We are having SO MUCH FUN at the Y. Especially Matthew. He is in 9th grade and I have mentioned before that it is hard to get him motivated to learn at times. He is taking “coaching connection” sessions and they are really helping him set goals, and he is really getting into fitness now. The best part is, going to the Y has motivated ME! I am working out several times a week now and loving it! So needless to say, we are getting a lot of Phy Ed in.


For Social Studies this week, I had Matt and Kali choose articles out of National Geographic Magazine to read, and then we discussed. Ebola and Global Warming were two main topics.

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We found ourselves in Madison one day, so we stopped by Olbrich Botanical Gardens, which is a gem (and FREE). The kids loved the succulent kaleidoscope, and had fun observing monarchs and a TON of hummingbirds (not to mention the beautiful flowers). They also have an amazing (and authentic) Thai Temple, which was a wonderful experience, and we were able to discuss even more about our Buddhist studies.


We also learned about Monarch Waystations at Olbrich. This is a program that creates, conserves, and protects monarch habitats. This inspired us to devise a plan to create a monarch waystation in our yard. We started by heading out to my dad’s land, where he has been doing prairie restoration for the past 20+ years, to collect seeds from many of the plants such as milkweed and other perennials that are beneficial to the monarchs. We were lucky that he could identify and teach us about many of the different plants. He has quite the habitat already (we will have to get him a Monarch Waystation sign, too)! We are drying out our seeds now and will be ready to plant them in the spring!

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On Friday, we had another horseback/YMCA morning, followed by a picnic lunch, and then we visited the Monroe Public Library for their “Homeschool Hub: Make It” series. This library is absolutely wonderful! The kids made flextangles (check out the free template here, they are really cool and fun geometry), paracord slings, played some new educational apps on the iPads, chatted with their friends, made some new friends, and best of all, experimented with Snap Circuits!! If you have never played with Snap Circuits, I would highly recommend them (and I’m not getting paid for the mention, either). They. Are. Amazing. There are not many things that both my 5 year old and my teens find interesting and challenging!



Fiona did a great job looking at the diagram and figuring everything out, with a little bit of mom’s help! She was amazed to create a circuit that powered a fan!

Let’s see what else? Kali finished The Island of the Blue Dolphins and completed some worksheets on that. She started reading “Marie Curie: Pioneer Physicist”. Matt continued reading his Twilight book, and Fiona and I just read a TON of books.

The older kids did some reading, videos, and worksheets about chemical reactions for Science. Matt continued with his video editing course. Overall it was another amazing week. We got out into the real world, learned and experienced a lot, and had our challenges and triumphs, too.

14322552_1011745612277971_3379652539635327285_nJust a note that in my blogs I definitely focus on the positive, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our hard times as well. It is REALLY HARD to homeschool (for so many reasons that I won’t get into right now). But it is soooooo worth it!


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