In Homeschool This Week (take 4)


Yoga with mom in the morning

We had a great week this week. Horseback and YMCA time on Monday. The teenagers are really settling into school now. They get up and start doing their work without being asked, it’s great.

We started a Khan Academy streak competition. If they can keep up their streak for 7 days (which means they have to remember to do it on the weekends), they get a little prize. Then I have some other prizes planned for if they can make it 30 days, 60 days, etc. They are super motivated!

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This week we went on a field trip to Eugster’s Farm with the Madison HEART homeschool group. There were a lot of other kids there and it was really fun! We did a hay ride, picked out pumpkins, did the corn maze, petted animals, and ate apples and cider doughnuts. Fall fun in Wisconsin is the best!


One thing I’ve really been enjoying is that my older 2 kids have been doing their writing assignments on Google Docs. Then they can send it to me via Google Drive and I can write in suggestions on the document. It works out really well for all of us!

We started studying the 1960s for Social Studies. It is such a great decade to study because SO MUCH HAPPENED. The first thing we did was watch episode one of “The Sixties” PBS documentary on Netflix. This first episode talked about how television was coming into age, and how the new media was affecting society. For example, the first televised presidential debate. Check out this link at that has amazing teacher resources and lesson plans.

We also watched some episodes of The Andy Griffith Show to put 60s TV in context for the kids. Low and behold, a quick Internet search led me to some lesson plans for Andy Griffith episodes. I revised them a bit, but they are great! We definitely plan on watching more 60s television as well! I grew up watching all those shows as reruns on Nick at Night, and they are still some of my favorites.


Fiona is really doing great with Kindergarten at home, and she is really enjoying being able to spend more time pursuing the things that she loves. This week, we practiced violin a lot. She has been playing for 2 years now, and is learning Lightly Row. I am a violinist myself and a Suzuki violin teacher. It has been really hard getting her started, but we have stuck with it. She is really starting to enjoy it again now, which is encouraging.


Fiona also started ballet at the local dance studio this week, and she LOVES it. She is such a natural. And she loves meeting new friends.



Family Game Night!

We had an A+ week!


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