In Homeschool This Week (take 6)

I am WAY behind on posting (hmm….I wonder why? Homeschooling 3 kids while working from home AND in the midst of major home renovations….why wouldn’t I have time to blog?) So, anyway, we did a whole lot not mentioned, but here are a few pics from our week:


Science experiments at the library with other local homeschoolers. Matt doesn’t let me photograph him very often!


Some random local veggies I had came together wonderfully — eggplant, spicy greens, and sweet peppers. SO GOOD!



We sent more supplies out to the Standing Rock Reservation to help the Native water protectors. Fiona created this artwork with painter’s tape and marker to include in our package.


Here’s a link to a great article I read this week,
“Why Daydreaming is Critical to Effective Learning”


via one of my favorite FB pages: U is for Unschooling

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