In Homeschool this Week (take 8)


Fiona has been enjoying this “Read, Build, Write” activity. We used lots of fall words this week. You can find this free resource here.


Kali started this Self-esteem Workbook for Teens and has really been loving it. This is a great series, they have lots of different workbooks for different issues that teens face.


The boy got braces. Ouch. This is a great self-portrait, don’t you think?


Pajama Day!


Meet Stuart. We found him Geocaching (it’s like treasure hunting). We are getting back into it after a bit of a hiatus. Brandon has a knack for finding them when we’re hiking even when we’re not looking!


A little spontaneous Yoga


In other news, we are trying to finish the entryway right now. I may have mentioned that we are currently renovating my great-grandmother’s Victorian home. It’s quite the project! More about that here.


Fiona spent about 4 hours creating this little friend with found objects. All I did was help her with the hot glue.


She also colored in these leaves and created a little tree with a pretty branch we found outside. We do lots of art and spend a lot of time outdoors!


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